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We Know Costa Rica

Sometimes people ask us why they should concierge their trip, instead of planning it themselves. Well, with the internet, you certainly can do that — but it will take you days and days of time and headache trying to put together a trip that, honestly, probably won’t be as fun as what we can do for you after talking to you for an hour or two about what you’re looking for.

It’s also quite possible, if not probable, that we’ll be able to get you such better deals on everything that you’ll end up paying more if you plan it yourself, even, if you include our concierge fees. That’s because we have hook-ups and insider knowledge that give us access to better rates on day trips or yacht rentals, better reservations at restaurants, and VIP service at the best parties.

Concierge with JacoPops is a luxury experience for people who want to come down to our little corner of the earth and have a great time, where you don’t have to worry about anything: food is taken care of, friends are taken care of, the whole vacation is taken care of. Whether it’s a retreat for the guys or a last hurrah for your best bachelorette, JacoPops takes care of everything.

THE Experience

A Luxury Costa Rica Experience

Costa Rica is one of the friendliest places for US tourism, especially due to the prevalence of direct flights and our great commercial relationship with the US, making it very easy for US citizens to visit. JacoPops will pick you up at the airport in San Jose in a luxury SUV and whisk you away to the beach (about an hours’ drive), and on the way you’ll probably pass by some crocodiles lounging on the banks of a river.

When we get to your accommodations, your concierge will give you some time to relax with a few drinks as we go through the itinerary.

Orientation is a fun time at the pool while management gets you pumped with what you’re doing that week. You’ll go out to a great dinner that night, and then you start your activities.

JacoPops plans each experience differently, depending on what you want to do. The cadence of your week will vary if you want four days of insanity, or you want a few nights to chill so you can work, or you want to make sure you’re out on the party yacht for a couple of nights.

In other words, we aren’t going to send you out to get hammered the night before you go deep-sea fishing. Whatever it is you want, JacoPops will deliver it for you: drinks, ladies, parties, activities.

Your digs will be stocked with booze, great food, a bartender, and an amazing chef. 

On the last night you’ll have a huge beach bonfire to say goodbye to everyone, and at the end of the trip, you will have shared an experience and made friends that will last a lifetime.

We Know Jaco Beach & Costa Rica... we live here!

The staff and founders of JacoPops are Costa Rica locals, or have been living here for decades. We’ve seen Jaco Beach flourish from a sleepy (but fun) surfing village into a wild nightlife haven, and we’ve been a part of it all along the way. 

Our people live and breathe Jaco Beach — and we’re not kidding. We all live here, and we love introducing travelers, tourists, and groups of friends to all Jaco Beach has to offer. Our staff is friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful, and we’ll make sure you have fun, no matter what you do.

  • Want to have a wild, nature-exploration with elegant dinners? We can make that happen.
  • The boys want to hit some bars and make new friends? No problem — we know everyone.
  • You guys love to fish and have heart-pounding adventures? We’ve got that, too.
  • The girls want to have a last crazy dance around the beach bonfire before the wedding.

Most likely you’ll want a combination of everything, and that’s what JacoPops provides. Whether you’re into poppin’ bottles, poppin’ fishing poles, or poppin off at huge parties, JacoPops has it all.


Our goal at JacoPops is to create valuable experiences for groups of people who want to reconnect with each other and with the vigor of life, while at the same time discovering a new and exotic location in which they can commune with nature, their human spirit, love, and intimacy.







Let's get Started!


You have questions, we have answers!

Is Jaco Beach Dangerous?

No. Jaco Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Costa Rica, and is not dangerous. However, JacoPops will be with you to guide you to all your spots during your entire vacation, so we will make sure you are aware if there are any places to avoid.

Do people speak English?
Most of the time, yes. While Spanish is the official and most common language in Costa Rica, we at JacoPops are all bilingual, and many other Costa Ricans are as well.

What are the laws regarding drugs, alcohol use, gambling, etc.?

Costa Rica has fairly lax laws regarding vices such as marijuana, alcohol, and gambling. For example, like in countries such as The Netherlands, prostitution is legal and well-controlled in Costa Rica.

Do I need a passport to visit Costa Rica?

Yes, a valid passport is needed to visit Costa Rica.

Can I drink the water in Costa Rica?

In most of the country, yes, the water is potable; however, we at JacoPops recommend drinking bottled water whenever possible.

Do I need an adapter for small appliances?

If you’re coming from the US, you don’t. We run on 110 volts, with two standard plugs — so your hair dryer will work just fine!

When is the best time to visit Costa Rica?

People enjoy Costa Rica all year long, though we experience the most tourism from December through July, as the wet/rainy season typically runs from the end of July through the end of November.

Is Costa Rica friendly with the United States?

Costa Rica is one of the friendliest places for US tourism, especially due to the prevalence of direct flights and our great commercial relationship with the United States, making it very easy for US citizens to visit.